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If the chart says 5 oz per 5 gallons, that is the same rate as 1 oz per 1 gallon. You need to measure your lawn to make sure you don't over or under apply. You might want to practice with just plain water instead of weed killer at first. If the area of weed to be sprayed is small, you could use a pump sprayer mixing at 1 oz per gallon, wetting the weeds well as you spray.

Want to apply Weed Beater lawn weed killer concentrate using Ortho hose end adjustable sprayer. Chart says 5oz per 5 gallon for 1250sq ft. What is the rate set at the adjustable sprayer?

I can't seem to get my adjustable end sprayer to work with seaweed based seasol or powerfeed, even on the maximal setting as the filter keeps blocking. Any ideas?

Is there a hose end sprayer that will dispense one part of "wet and forget" cleaner to
five parts of water?

Thank you.

I often do it that way myself.  Or if I have some product left in the bottle after 1 spraying I simply add water to the bottle and go over the lawn again

I want to use a sprayer to apply an environmentally friendly deck cleaner. The instructions say to use a hose-end sprayer at a 6:1 ratio of water to concentrate. My sprayer holds 32 oz and has settings in tablespoons and ounces. What setting should I use?

A gallon has 128 oz in it so the ratio for spraying is basically 1 part weed killer to 128 parts water.

A liter is 1000 ml, so if you divide 1000 by 128 you get roughly 8 ml per liter.

I can't swear I did the math right, but I'm pretty certain.

I have a dial sprayer and need to apply weed killer at 1 oz. per gallon. The sprayer is calibrated in ml per litre. Do you know how to convert it?

Ikike - EBay or amazon will have sellers that ship worldwide. Look for a Ortho Dial N Spray.


I am a gardener living in Israel. I would like to know how I can order various of "Dail-a-Sparay" types/
please inform me.

thank sincerly yours

Assuming your sprayer holds 4 cups (32 oz), set it to 3 /12 or 4 oz per gallon to spray it all out in one shot. If you are applying a fertilizer make sure 4 cups is not too strong for the area covered.

i have 1000sqf lawn.i need to spray ten gallons of spray on i have a end hose sprayer that gose up to 8oz or 48tsp what seting do i use.iam talking 4cup of ingedents to 10 gallon per 1000 sqf.

The product is probably siphoning out of the bottle with a darker color or some type of foam as you spray, and will come out as plain water once the product is used up. You may want to put the product in a better adjustable hose-end sprayer that is clear, and use that. Set the dial at 2 oz per gallon and see how that works for you.

How do you know when the hose end sprayer is empty? The plastic is not clear and is filled with concentrate from the store. It's for flowers and shrubs. It says it covers 192 roses?

I don't think the product you are using is designed for a hose end sprayer. There are 128 ounces in a gallon so if my math is correct your 16:80 mix would be something like 25 oz per gallon of water. My guess is you need to use a pump sprayer for your application.

Hello, the application directions say to mix 16 oz. in 80 oz of water. The applicator (multi use hose end sprayer) says to set the dial to rate per gallon. So what would I set it to? The 8 oz, 6 oz, 5.5 oz, 4 oz, etc.

Is there a application rate for lawns placement::For Gilmour 20 gallon lawn sprayer
Such as sf per gallon at a give per seconds at a give wt used ?

OR: Wt:/ tsp per gallons vs sf / syds area per seconds per sf or syds
Is 8 second per syds application standard OK

Everyone walks at a different speed, has a unique water pressure and sprays a narrower or wider swath than the next guy. All that influences how much coverage you get. There is always going to be some trial and error when spraying. If you know how much product you want to use for a given area you can make adjustments to any of the above and get it pretty close. The lawn technicians that work for spraying companies have to work this out in the same way and usually practice with just water in their spray tanks until they get it right.

Stuart...U have been very helpful but I still don't understand. Why do I need to know how many sq ft I have to cover when all I want to do is apply enough to take care of the lawn. Knowing the sq ft gives me insight as to the volumn I will need to cover everything, but that should'ent make a difference in how thick or thin I apply it? It would be easier to say in the directions "set the hose end sprayer at, say 20" That would give each blade the right coverage no matter how many sq ft u have.....

If you are talking about the Aerify PLUS, yes you can spray it right over leaves or even mulch. As long as it gets watered in it will move into the soil where it can go to work on improving the clay.

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