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Stuart...U have been very helpful but I still don't understand. Why do I need to know how many sq ft I have to cover when all I want to do is apply enough to take care of the lawn. Knowing the sq ft gives me insight as to the volumn I will need to cover everything, but that should'ent make a difference in how thick or thin I apply it? It would be easier to say in the directions "set the hose end sprayer at, say 20" That would give each blade the right coverage no matter how many sq ft u have.....

If you are talking about the Aerify PLUS, yes you can spray it right over leaves or even mulch. As long as it gets watered in it will move into the soil where it can go to work on improving the clay.

Is this a hose end sprayer? I need to know the model # or what it says on the sprayer to figure it out. A tablespoon is 1/2 oz, if that helps.

I would like to use the small Gilmore hand held sprayer (red label) to dispence
Peter's 20-20-20 at 1 tablespoon per gal. How many table spoons do I put into the container and what setting do I use 1-8?

Cool! I never knew how to a Hose-End Sprayer. Glad I saw this post. I learned a lot here. Thanks for sharing.


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