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Snow mold is a fungal disease that harms the grass in late winter. For preventing snow mold we need to take care of lawn from end of the summer month.

Great Information shared by you, It will help to maintain turf in all the season.

Pink snow mold is distinguished by the pink color of the web-like mycelium growing on the grass surface. While the grass is wet, the mycelium starts out white and resembles cobwebs, as it matures it turns its pink or salmon color. The mycelium quickly disappears as the grass dries. Furthermore: http://www.toronto-mold-removal-contractor.ca

Snow mold is a fungal disease that appears in the early spring as the snow melts. There are two types of snow mold. Grey snow mold (also known as Typhula blight) and pink snow mold (sometimes referred to as Fusarium patch). Pink snow mold infects the crown of the plant and can cause more severe injury than gray snow mold which only infects the leaf tissue.

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